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She added: “I don’t think I’m going to go too close to my eye area. “It doesn’t feel like anything or smell like anything, just a bit like Vaseline.” She applies the cream to both eyes and then asks viewers if anyone can see the difference. After applying the cream to both eyes, Antonella asks her followers if they can spot any difference in her bags. The vlogger shows off the bags under her eyes she is hoping to banish Peering into the camera, she concludes the skin around her eyes has not been tightened and slams the beauty hack. She says: “Can you see a difference? Let’s have a look. “My skin doesn’t feel tight or anything – it’s not made a f*****g difference. “Instant results with pile cream – well they are talking out of their a**e as that has made me look I’ve just wiped Vaseline under my eyes. Antonella dabs the cream onto her finger and shows her followers before applying The video has been watched by 674,000 people on Antonella’s Facebook page with some sharing their own experience of the cream.

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